Friday, January 9, 2009


I am in the car three hours a day on my long commute to and from work. Yup, you heard me right. Three hours. This means I have way too much time to ponder stupid things. My most recent stupid musing has to do with why I decided going to college was a good idea. Yes, it was the most logical thing to do after high school. But why is it that now that I have been through college and I now have a fancy schmancy diploma with a “grown-up” job, I have never been so financially unstable in my life. Which leads me to believe that maybe college actually set me back instead of helped me get on my feet. I very well may have been better off finishing high school with no debt and getting a job at Starbucks. What’s wrong with that? I LOVE Starbucks! In fact, if I went home smelling like roasted coffee beans every day instead of a mentally and emotionally drained zombie, I might be a happy girl! And if not, at least I’d be highly caffeinated.

On a more positive note, it's now 5:00 on Friday. Woo hoo! See ya!


Themis0307 said...

Sigh. You may not see the truth of it now, but believe me when I tell you that soon you will realize that having a college degree is leaps and bounds more profitable than having only a high school diploma. You and I are in the same boat with our finances...mine are twice as bad because I went on to law school, but we're both at the bottom of the totem pole right now. Give it time. You will see the benefit of it within the next ten years, I guarantee it. Hang in there. We'll both be fine.

Jennjilla said...

Yea, but don't add kids to the mix. That will set you back another 30! :)

Oh well, I'd rather be broke, happy and in love with my family than rich any day!