Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drivin' Me Daisy!!!

I was just looking around the backyard and spotted a handful of cute, very happy-looking white daisies which reminded me of a story (story time?! Yay!!!!)

Many many moons ago, when my boyfriend and I first started dating (ok, so several months ago),when things were newly romantic and extra sweet. The days when goodnight phone calls averaged 3 hours (versus 30 minutes now).  Anyhoo, at that point in time during one of our marathon conversations, he said that if he had to pick a flower that reminded him of me, it would be the daisy.

I gotta admit, I was a little offended:  So.....I'm like a weed.   How common and boring. 

He, being a fresh law school graduate, argued his reasoning: "No, I think daisies are one of the most beautiful flowers..." he went on to explain how they were beautiful in an understated way. A flower that was not nearly as high maintenance as an over-rated exotic flower, and can fit in any garden (i.e., situation) perfectly.  A flower that looks happy and, in turn, makes people happy by looking at it. 

Hmm... I like it.  Although, I guess I would have liked to call myself a bright and cheerful tulip or an elegant calla lily (ha!) , but I'll go with it.

So after a while of playful arguing about why I couldn't possibly be a daisy, I realized that we had distinctly different visions of what a daisy looked like.  While I saw this....

He saw this...

It was then that I decided I loved his analogy and I was most definitely honored to be a daisy. His daisy. 

Unfortunately, by that time I had already kicked his compliment in the shins.  I guess I have a way to doing that. It's a wonder he puts up with me.

Now that I think about it, it could have gone much, much worse. At least he didn't liken me to a cactus. Dry and prickly.  

(disclaimer: I love even the so-called "boring" white daisies.  Perhaps I was PMSing when this conversation happened. Please refrain from judging me on the high-maintenance-exotic-flower day I was having.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Favorite Things

One of my fave bloggers (girl v. the world) posted a "favorite things" blog, and I thought it was a cute idea. Here are some (but not nearly all) of the things that make me smile. 

1) The perfect old worn-in t-shirt.

2) The smell of clean laundry. (especially clean sheets and a bed that's made. Feels like a hotel, only wayyy better because it's yours!)

3) Getting a sneak-peek at wildlife.  I was lucky enough to see a hawk near its nest, a deer, a jackrabbit, and 2 skunks on a walk a few days ago. 

4) I love a romantic comedy any day. One of my favorites - 27 Dresses.

5) Houses. Everything about houses. The architecture. The smell of new construction. The interior design. I heart houses.  Nuff said. 

6) The one day of the week that I don't have to work - Sunday. I can sleep late(r), sip on coffee, take a long shower, and I don't even have to blow dry my hair if I don't wanna. 

7) Fossils.  I don't know. Something about them fascinates me. I desperately want to find an arrowhead too, but that hasn't happened yet. 

8) Water - Beach. Lake. River. Koi pond.  I don't care. I don't even need to be IN the water. I just want it near me. I like the sound and serenity of it.

9) Learning.  I will never grow tired of learning. 

10) How the day after a storm is perfect, with perfect white puffy clouds. As if nothing had happened the day before. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My "Boo...Hooray" For The Day

Boo... my tummy has been upset for the past 2 nights at 9:30 sharp and lasts til about 11:00 when I fall asleep (very uncomfortably).

Hooray! - when I wake up in the morning, it's as if nothing was wrong.  What's up with that?

Boo... my check engine light came on today :(   Must get that checked out tomorrow.

Hooray! - I traded in 6 of my old DVDs and bought a new movie (ok, ok, I bought Twilight) for only six bucks! Also, I finished reading New Moon last night. I will have to eventually start Eclipse. 

Boo... for not having any money in my bank account. Seriously...I texted my bank today (yeah, we're tight like that) and it said I had "$0.00" available.  How sad...   But seriously, I think it's wrong. There must be $5 or something in my account. 

Hooray! - I get paid in 5 (count them. Five) days.  I will pay back my credit card at that time.'s depressing having to use a credit card you very proudly haven't touched in months! this killer headache I got randomly at 2:30 (I blame Verizon).

Hooray! - Excedrin extra strength is my new BFF. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Few Thoughts For A Thursday

Well, technically, I had thoughts to write this blog on Monday, but it would be ludicrous to call this Thursday blog "A Few Thoughts For A Monday."  Ya follow?  No?  Me either. 

Let me apologize in advance for the inner workings of my brain.  

A few things I'm lovin' right about now:

1)  So You Think You Can Dance (i.e., SYTYCD).  Who doesn't love this show?  It's the dance version of American Idol.  And who doesn't love that show?  Oh but don't get me started on AI. I loved Kris, but puh-leeze! Adam should have won! I have lost faith in my fellow AI voters. Never mind the fact that I never pick up the phone to vote. I just like to sit back and complain during the results shows, but that's completely beside the point. Back to SYTYCD - if you have never watched it, tune in next time and soak in all the dance-y goodness!

2) New Moon (i.e., Book #2 of the Twilight series).  Soo good.  I'm gonna start a countdown for the movie.  It comes out Nov. 20.   Ladies and gentleman, start your (old fixer-upper wobbly motorcycle) engines.   Hehe. 

3) Wine.  Yum.  Went to a wine tasting last night with some co-workers. Good company + good wine + beautiful rolling hills + slight buzz = great time.  We couldn't help but talk over the poor woman who was enthusiastically giving us (an unappreciated) history lesson in wine. We tend to talk over everyone, really. We're a loud bunch.  Anyhoo, one of the white wines was described as white flower and nectarine tasting.  What exactly does a white flower taste like?  I wonder how you get THAT job.  I wanna be a wine-maker-upper-of- flavors-and-aromas person.  My first wine will be likened to.......hamster and elderberry! (note: if you are not a Monty Python fan, you will not get that joke. You should be ashamed of yourself.)

4) My boyfriend. We crack me up.   For instance...

Him: You see that lawn chair over there? The red one?
Me: There is nothing red within ten miles of us right now. 
Him: Not the white one laying down in the yard, but past that one. The red one standing upright. 
Me: (long pause) Red???
Him: (getting obviously more irritated with me) Yes, the red one!!!
Me: It's not red!
Him: Ugghhhh!!
Me: (speaking softly now) It's more of a...terra cotta...
Him: Oh my gosh..
Me: So what about this so-called "red" chair?
Him: Nevermind.

And then today...

Me: I layed out by the pool today!
Him: Oh yeah? Which bathing suit did you decide to wear?
Me: The coral one.  [I should have known better]
Him: The strapless one?
Me: No, that strapless one is BROWN!
Him: I don't know what coral is!! The pink one??!!
Me:  (Sigh!) No, the coral one!

Aren't we just a bucket of fun?  :)  

I will have to sit him down one day with some paint swatches -- oh goodness -- how will things be when we paint our future house one day??!!!!  I can just see it now...

Me: Hey babe, I'm thinking we should do our master bath a pale canary.
Him: Hmm...I don't like purple.
Me: Lord help us. 

5) Facebook flair application.  How sweet is it to show off your "flair" in the form of super cute buttons?  Love wiener dogs? There's a button for that.  Have a thing for Chuck Norris? (weirdo). There's a button for that. Love all things Edward, Jacob, and Forks? There's flair for that too! It's so fun! What more can you ask from Facebook? 

6) Conan O'Brien.  L.O.V.E. him.  Sooooo glad he got an earlier time slot.  Number five (above) reminded me of why I love Conan so much (besides the fact that he's a crazy, hilarious, freakishly tall redhead).  Last night he said that in the year 3,000 the ever popular websites Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook would be joined to create one website called, YouTwitFace.  
Man, that guy is hilarious. I laughed all by myself for like 30 minutes. And then again today for about 15. 

That's all I can muster up for now.  But stay tuned sweet bloggers.