Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My "Boo...Hooray" For The Day

Boo... my tummy has been upset for the past 2 nights at 9:30 sharp and lasts til about 11:00 when I fall asleep (very uncomfortably).

Hooray! - when I wake up in the morning, it's as if nothing was wrong.  What's up with that?

Boo... my check engine light came on today :(   Must get that checked out tomorrow.

Hooray! - I traded in 6 of my old DVDs and bought a new movie (ok, ok, I bought Twilight) for only six bucks! Also, I finished reading New Moon last night. I will have to eventually start Eclipse. 

Boo... for not having any money in my bank account. Seriously...I texted my bank today (yeah, we're tight like that) and it said I had "$0.00" available.  How sad...   But seriously, I think it's wrong. There must be $5 or something in my account. 

Hooray! - I get paid in 5 (count them. Five) days.  I will pay back my credit card at that time. Ugh...it's depressing having to use a credit card you very proudly haven't touched in months!

Boo...to this killer headache I got randomly at 2:30 (I blame Verizon).

Hooray! - Excedrin extra strength is my new BFF. 


Themis0307 said...

What have you eaten every night the past few nights? Stop eating it.

That will be $150, please. Thank you, come again!