Friday, May 7, 2010

Queen of Random Crap

That's me!

Case in point: Yesterday, I got a bit of disappointing news by phone and needed to get out for some fresh air and perspective. I grabbed my chihuahua and cell phone and headed down the block. I didn't even make it a quarter of a mile from home and I'm bombarded by a swarm of....I don't know what!

Bees? Wasps? Japanese hornets? I still don't know for sure. All I remember is the large black swarm that came from the tall green swaying weeds, the loud buzzing that alerted me in the first place and then surrounded me, and the hovering black things that I was certain at any moment would sting the CRAP out of me. All of them!!!!! And little Pookie? Where was he? What would happen to him?

Did you know if you Google "insect swarm" you get a lot of World of Warcraft stuff? Weird....

Anyway, the chaos only lasted approximately 7 seconds. It felt like 4 years. But I survived. Neither of us had a sting on our body. I may or may not have seriously considered how fast of a sprinter I was and how quickly I could book it to the neighborhood pond (another half mile) and jump in to escape my flying friends. But I shudder to think of what may have lurked in the pond.

My sister and I have come to the conclusion that my next shopping trip will be to purchase a HazMat suit. Needless to say, I will be wearing my new "outfit" on ALL future nature walks. Observe...


CJR said...

Sexy. Happy Pants is a lucky guy. Tee hee.