Sunday, July 19, 2009


Soooo....I recently decided to say farewell to a miserable cell phone service that has caused me to pull out my hair on multiple occasions, and switch to a provider who I believe is better (and sells the iphone). So long Blackberry. Helloooo iphone!

I must say - I'm completely loving it. My boyfriend and I planned it just right. We switched services together. This is important, you see, because he lives about 230 miles away and we depend on our phones as our main source of communication. And since we talk about 1600 minutes a month to each other alone, free mobile-to-mobile minutes is the ONLY way to go. So for the past week, because we decided to both get the iphone, our conversations have been going more like this:
"So what apps have you dowloaded?"
"Tap Tap revenge 2 is fun!!"
"Oooooh did you see how you can turn it sideways and get a wider screen?"
"Wow!! I'm actually getting service at my kitchen table/in bed/in the bathroom/on my back porch!"
"Wait - what will we do without blackberry messenger?" (<--still having withdrawals from this one. But still couldn't pay me to go back.)

Ok, that's enough iphone talk. For now.

My man and I had a good weekend together. He came up for a visit, and Friday night I decided to.........wait for it......cook him dinner. [insert dramatic music here].

So my day Friday went like this:
1) Wake up early (yawn) and go to my meeting. Nod, smile, politely chit chat, and haul ass out of there. Time is of the essence!
2) Go to the grocery store for 1 thing: chicken.
3) Proceed to spend $107 on groceries. (What???)
4) Get home, unpack, make coffee, clean everything on the planet.
5) May have downloaded an iphone app or two while cleaning.
6) Start cooking dinner, had to get on facebook and ask for help on how to cook my chicken.
7) Chicken boils over and makes scary burning noises.
8) Save chicken and cook the rest of the dinner.
9) Boyfriend pulls in at EXACTLY the moment the oven beeps (go me!!!)
10) Pour glass of favorite red wine and play some nice music.
11) Dinner turns out well (yay!) and he loved it.

In conclusion, I successfully made a dinner that didn't suck. I also did not start any small fires or melt any kitchen utensils. I consider that a success as well.

The rest of our weekend was fun too. We went out with some of my friends on Saturday night, had some dinner and went to a new bar that just opened. It was rather nice. Then we spent Sunday (today) being complete and total BLOBS on the couch, which we don't get to do nearly enough together. So we made it a point to be lazy today, but that wasn't until after we cooked a big and yummy breakfast. Then we sat and watched Travel channel and cuddled up with my dog (who always has to be right in the middle of us. The warmest and smallest space he can find).

He left today around 1:30 and it's always hard to say goodbye. But it's ok because I know that eventually we'll live in the same town. I don't know when and I don't know where, but it will all fall into place when it's supposed to. (Look at me and my positive thinking today! haha)


Jo said...

Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! Me too, I have an IPhone and I love it! I use it most to check my email on the bus or find out what's on the cinema when I suddenly decide to see a movie after doing shopping for example. It's amazing!! Congratulations on your chicken victory! And be strong, I'm sure you'll find a way to put an end to the long-distance relationship you're having now.

Jo said...

Hey, Carly, it looks like you've got the same problem with comments as I had: the visitors cannot comment on your blog because for some reason they can't see the word verification bar. I just disabled it (no need to put the awkward words anymore) and it works!

Carly said...

Aww thanks, Jo! Our relationship is going strong and we'd love to be in the same city, but neither of us are putting pressure on the issue. We both think that it will happen when it happens and in the meantime, who needs the added stress? And I agree. I'm absolutely LOVING the iphone!!