Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Faves and Craves

Ok, so I've recently decided to post a list of my current favorite things each month! Now, don't expect a favorites things post on the 1st of every month, I'm not that organized , but I'd say every few weeks, I will try to post a list of my faves. It's really just for my own fun and amusement and hopefully for someone else who is bored and needs something to read. :)
Here goes....

I will call them "Faves and Craves!" Here's my August list:

Ed Hardy Love & Luck perfume - I'm in L-O-V-E with this perfume right now. When you catch yourself smelling your own arm all day, you know you have found love. (and have issues).

Monogrammed koozies - You can find cute ones like these at Hallmark stores. They're kinda pricey for a koozie, not gonna lie about it.

Monogrammed   Koozies Personalized TO YOUR PREFERENCE!

BEACH BABE on Multi-polka dot Fabric Koozie Black/White Zebra Striped Monogrammed Koozie Black Pink and Lime Big Polka Dotted Custom Monogram Koozie

Hudson Jeans - Not usually a fan of the pocket flaps, but these jeans make your butt look great (my boyfriend can attest to that), and who doesn't love a good butt jean?

EAS Active for Wii - I'm still working on the 30-day challenge and I like it. Not sure that you can lose weight off of this thing, but I do feel that it strengthens and could be a good addition to your existing work out regimen.

Dunkin Donuts iced blueberry latte - Delicious (if you're fond of blueberry flavoring) and sugar-free, just like the rest of their flavored lattes.

Shark Week - This week marks Discovery Channel's (annual?) Shark Week. The biology-loving girl in me is a huge fan. Tune in!


Turkey Tacos - This is a new weekly tradition in my family. It's really good. I prefer it much more than regular ground beef tacos. If you are a skeptic, I promise, you'll change your mind after you try them. Just brown some ground turkey and season it just like you would beef. Delish! (try turkey spaghetti too!!)

Cafe Press - http://www.cafepress.com/. Adorable, clever, and funny custom gifts, t-shirts, mugs, buttons. You name it. They've probably got it. You can also create your own stuff.

Ok, that's it for this month, folks! Hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next month for a new list.


Jordan said...

Oo Loved it! I can't wait for next months! This is a good monthly blog idea! ( I think I might go try that purfume! ;)

Carly said...

Thanks Jordan!!!! I think it will be really fun monthly blog. Hope you'll read Septembers! :)

*uncorked said...

I've been debating getting the EA Sports Active. I already have Wii Fit but it's so mean I've been looking for a different one. You don't think you can lose weight with it?? Damn.

Carly said...

Hey *uncorked! I haven't tried Wii Fit so I'm not sure what the differences are. I know that Active works because after day one I was sore for days. I think it is probably perfect if you do that along with cardio (like running). I think the focus in Active is more toning, but they definitely have cardio exercises, sports, etc. It's pretty fun. I'm just one of those people that needs to be moving, so I prefer running outside to running in a game. Know what I mean?

*uncorked said...

I'm one of those people that prefers to not exercise at all, but I saw the boxing thing on Active and thought it looked fun since I used to do mixed martial arts. Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend and give it a shot. Wii Fit is interesting, but mean. I gained a pound and it made a noise, plumped up my mii and made me give it a reason why I gained weight. It was traumatizing and I'm not sure I ever want to get back on it.

Carly said...

I'm with you on that (I prefer not to exercise). But my metabolism decided to slow down over the past few years. Wahh! I'm ashamed to admit, I haven't done Active in over a week :(

Wii Fit sounds eviillll!!!

Let me know what you think if you decide to buy Active! You know what else looks fun? That sport resort game thingy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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