Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uber Freak

Hello Bloggy Bloggers!

I wanted to write about my freakness (and a few other things).

Let's start with summing up the last week: P-A-I-N.

Let me explain. I have what's called Ernest Syndrome. Yeah...I know. Who's heard of that? Even me, the extreme Googler on all symptoms/conditions/medical anomalies.

In a nutshell:

I had pretty severe jaw/ear/temple/face pain on my right side. It got so bad at times, that I started to lose sleep at night and was a walking zombie the next day. I went to doctor #1. We'll call him Doc Doc. Doc Doc was fairly young (30-something) and after a couple hundred (un-related) questions about my life and health, couldn't find anything wrong with me. Said I probably had TMJ and then prescribed me some Naproxin and Darvocet. Cool.

A few days later I go to doctor #2. My dentist. We'll call her Tooth Fairy. She proceeded to take x-rays and examine my mouth. She agrees that it's probably just TMJ and suggests I get fitted for a mouthguard. I was just relieved it wasn't a tumor in my jaw or something. So I leave that office with, again, no real diagnosis. Sigh...

The pain comes back a few weeks later in full force (crap!) and once I get desperate enough (I'm a tad stubborn when it comes to going to doctors) I go to doctor # 3. An Orthodontist. We'll call him Ortho Man. Ortho Man was kind enough to sit down with me and tell me everything he knows. I love this kind of doctor. He suggests TMJ as well but says that I'd be much better off going to doctor #4, who happens to specialize in TMJ disorders and such. We'll call him TMJ Dude.

TMJ Dude got me in THAT WEEK (thank God, because the pain was soooo bad) and I had a 3.5 hour appointment. Pretty in-depth stuff! And I just realized I'm not giving you the nutshell version AT ALL so let's get to the point. He said I don't have TMJ (thanks Doc Doc, Tooth Fairy and Ortho Man) but I have Ernest Syndrome and therefore, need to get multiple injections in my face. Thank God for people who specialize in craniofacial things. We love you. Problem solved. The end.

On top of all this mess, I started having heartburn. Sheesh. Talk about kickin' me while I'm down!

In other (more interesting, I'm sure) news:
My sister ( wrote a blog about how my boyfriend and I met. It was so cute and entertaining. I loved it!!! You should all read it because I'm wayyy too lazy to recreate it in my blog.

And in OTHER news:

I'm going to yet another wedding this weekend (with aforementioned boyfriend).

I told myself I wouldn't buy another dress for this wedding.

It is apparent that I do not listen (just ask boyfriend, he's convinced I ignore everything he says. But I don't meeeeaan to).

So I had some free time in my busy, busy schedule and walked around the mall just to see if a dress or some shoes jumped out at me. Of course, nothing did because inanimate objects don't move (or jump), so I proceeded to try on 4,287 dresses. I bought one. It's interesting. I have no shoes to match it. So what do you think I did next, bloggy friends? I had to buy shoes I won't wear ever again. Ugh.

Ok, I have to stop ignoring my dog now. He needs me. His little eyes are saying "feed me, woman." Or perhaps they're saying "what could you possibly be typing about for this long? Who really cares about your so-called Ernest Syndrome? Not me. I just want you to feed me. And then I want you to give me a dingo. Then I'd like to go to bed because that's the only time you sit still."


Themis0307 said...

Poor little puppy. Why don't you feed him?

Carly said...

Of course I feed him!!! He's just a little piggy ;)

*uncorked said...

Yikes, Ernest Syndrome? Never heard of it. Let's call it Cupcake Syndrome from now on. Glad to hear you're feeling better and for God's sake, feed the pup!

Jordan said...

Holy cow! You think doctors could be all on the same page or something? man oh man! At least your feeling better though! Oh if only the process could be quicker. Makes for a good blogging story! :p

hahahah! dresses are so much fun though! Maybe you could sell them for some extra cash? ebay? :)

I love your blogs! There the greatest!
go feed your dog and have a great weekend!

Carly said...

Haha. Don't worry *uncorked and Jordan, I fed the pup! He never goes hungry :)

Cupcake Syndrome WOULD be a good name. Although, it might sound too cute and deceiving, as the pain is quite miserable.

Thanks Jordan. You gave me a BIG smile! :)