Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Booze and Boos!

I had a wonderful and long weekend with my man. The deal was that we (by "we" I am referring to me, my man, my sister, and her man)... anyhoo, we were all going to watch the big Red River Rivalry game together in Dallas and party hardy and then go State Fairing. That plan shifted when my man's dad's cousin unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. It was a rough week for his family. Long story short, the only option I had to spend time with him was to go stay with him while he dog sat for the weekend.

So I go to Austin, where I proceed to meet all of his lawyer co-workers for happy hour on Friday night. They were really fun. I am glad that they all seemed to like me. (Or perhaps they didn't. These are lawyers we're talking about. And there was alcohol involved).

Then we spent Saturday watching the big game. I will admit, this is one of the few football games that I have watched from start to finish and was truly interested in. I know...I'm shocked too. I even sported my new burnt orange #10 jersey and may or may not have screamed at Colt McCoy a few times.

Then I proposed the brilliant idea of carving pumpkins and he obliged. I should mention that after some time, he was more excited about this idea than I was. Tee hee.

So, on Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch!

Then we started the long process of carving. We agreed on our two favorite stencils: the haunted house with a ghost and the little goblin guy, and we carved away while briefly pausing to pose for pictures.

The momma and baby pumpkin.

Deep concentration is key to a successful design.

Using the big boy knife.

We are officially nerds. (And I'm NOT holding a knife, that is a spoon everyone!)

Finished product!

And we patiently waited until dark to light them and show their awesome-ness. I'm not gonna lie. We were pretty impressed with ourselves.

Don't act like you're not impressed ;)

Happy trick-or-treating, everyone!

Note: don't bother baking the pumpkin seeds unless you like the taste of incinerated gourd.


Kaylan Eastepp said...

nice pumpkins. Did you season the seeds before you baked them? They really are delicious.

Carly said...

I just did what the internet said to do. I greased the pan and the seeds and added salt and baked them. How do you do it?

*uncorked said...

Oh man, was so with you until I saw your boo wearing a Chicago Bears shirt.

Carly said...

Haha! V, that is the first I've ever seen of that Bears shirt. I have never known him to be a fan. Then again, my eyes glaze over when NFL comes up at all.

NatureCat said...

Carly, love your new template...very snazzy! Halloweener is so much fun. Go Bears.