Monday, October 12, 2009

Spring...Er...Fall Cleaning!!

So, it's officially Fall!

Whether I like it or not, fall has fallen! Spring is well past sprung! Old Man Winter is on his way!

That's enough of that...

All I know is that for the past 4 days, the weather in Texas has been a bit chilly. All I have whined about is wanting a pair of earmuffs, but had to settle for a beanie (also know as a toboggan, which I think is a really odd name) to cover my ice cube ears. And because I needed a beanie, I had to go digging in my under-bed storage where I keep my scarves, gloves, and hats that I pull out once a year, if that.

This digging up my winter goodies started a domino effect.

A very rare domino effect (for me).

I decided that my winter things needed a nice place to live for the season. And my strappy tanks have no place here anymore, so why don't I put those away? So that's what I did. I traded my (light & airy) summer clothes for my (bulky & annoying) winter clothes.

I then stood back and realized how unsatisfying that was. Here were my winter things, all neatly folded in a closet that looked like a twister just tore through it. Ugh.


This will never do.

That's when I decide I must clean out the whole mess-of-a-closet. And here's the thing: I scare easily from organization projects. Even the mention of a good closet cleaning is enough to make me run away screaming, "Save yourseeeellllves!" So I devise a master plan.

I will need sustenance:

And I'll definitely need an assistant:

...but beware, he also scares easily.

Also, a live band wouldn't be a bad idea.

I find some interesting things during The Great Closet Cleaning of 2009...


Ahh, my pretty black pumps I never wear.

Hellooo 5 year old lip balm!

Is that a feather boa? Why yes it is..

Bunny costume anyone?

How about a naughty maid costume? (last year's Halloween costume. Judge away.)

Girly tools!

And last but not least..

Ahh memories. I will never get rid of this thing. I hope I have a daughter.

About 2 hours after messing around with random closet findings, I finally finished. Observe...

Glad you could experience The Great Closet Cleaning of 2009. This rare event probably won't happen again for another 2 years.

The end!


CJR said...

I'm so proud! A tear just fell...

Can I take credit for instilling the organizing bug in you? I know you were awe-inspired by my awesomeness when we turned your black hole of a closet into an organized thing of beauty a few years ago. I must have rubbed off on you then...right?

Jordan said...

Thanks for setting the cleaning example! maybe I'll get around to my room...great job though! and your dog is adorable! :)

CJR said...

By the way, I gave you an award on my book blog. Check it out, yo!