Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bragging Rights

I have to brag just a little on my boyfriend.

My family is celebrating a 65th wedding anniversary party/family reunion in 2 weeks (that I failed to mention to boyfriend because it's so very far in the future). I decided to mention it to him yesterday because it dawned on me that he would be at a University of Texas football game and unable to come. Sigh...

This made me sad.

However, I would never have expected him to attend this party with me because:
a) He had already paid for his very first season tickets, and that would be like wasting money.
b) I knew this particular weekend was already off limits for doing much else. Damn football season..

So I had already written off the idea of him coming with me.

Until later.

He called me and said that if this was important to me, he would gladly give the tickets to someone else. And believe me, there are plenty of takers.

[He also said that had this been the weekend of the UT/Texas Tech game, then we may have an issue. But that's beside the point.]

I decided that this was important enough to me. How often do we get all these folks together? Not often enough. And how much longer will some of them be around? You never know.

I want him to meet the ladies so they can tell me, "He's dahling honey, just daahling!" and ask silly things like, "When's the wedding?" and "It'll be great to have another lawyer in the family." And I want the men to have the opportunity to grill him (in a lighthearted way, of course) and share war stories, and bond over football, discuss power tools, and toast to the beautiful and talented women who make them the men they are today...

Granted, it's only my dad's side of the family. We can work on the yankee half of my family later (when we plan that trip to Chicago that he doesn't know about yet.)

After our conversation about him coming, I had these warm fuzzy feelings running through my body, so I texted him something like, "You're so sweet. Thank you for doing that for me." And he replied with "You deserve it."

I love my man.

And I really do hope I deserve him.


Themis0307 said...

You do deserve him. I have always hoped and prayed for a man for you who treats you like a queen. I love him for being that man.