Thursday, September 10, 2009

My 'Pseudo Vacation' To-Do List

For those of you who don't already know (that would be 80-87% of you), I am once again "on vacation," as my boss likes to call it. Simply put: I've been layed off again.

That's the beauty of oil and gas; work comes and work goes.

During this time, I have learned this about myself:

Week one is a swell time. I basically treat it like vacation (except I must constantly fight the urge to spend money). I scream "woo hoo!" and run to my car and make the 3.5 hour trip to see my boyfriend. Then I stay for a few days, come home, blog, scrapbook, clean stuff, watch TV, play and cuddle with my tiny dog. I stay up late just because I can and I sleep late just because I can. Week one is like my favorite icing on my favorite cupcake. Yummy.

It's week two that freaks me the hell out. Week two makes me lay awake at night and wonder how I'm going to pay for my new car. That's when I spend an hour or more per day on my laptop searching for temporary (usually low paying) jobs. Then after my job hunt, I get slightly depressed because no job ever compares. However, any job will do (for now). Then my staffing lady ignores my emails and I feel like I'm the one doing HER job and I should be making commission off my job finds!

Perhaps they are swarmed in the staffing office due to the economy and sky-high unemployment rates. I should be more understanding, right?
No! She needs to do her job. And now.

Anyhoo, the point of me venting (is that ALL I do lately?) was to make a list of all the things I'd like to get done while "on vacation"because, honestly, I need to just make the best of this time off. (And I WILL continue calling it vacation because it's my fantasy world and I call it what I want.)

Things I want to accomplish while on pseudo-vacation

1) Finish Eclipse (once and for all) and begin Breaking Dawn.

2) Have a movie marathon of some sort, either:
-Disney movie marathon
-Musical movie marathon
-I don't do scary and I don't do westerns, so what else is there? [ideas welcome here]

3) Clean out my medicine cabinet.
Expired medicine + things with no labels = bad news.

4) Run/walk more. Let me rephrase that - run more. I already walk every evening. My rear still jiggles more than I would like, but I've decided I'm not allowed to whine about it if I'm not doing everything I can.

5) Read another book. Which book is yet to be determined. (feel free to chime in with your opinions on the following):

- Time Travelers Wife (synopsis here)
- Homer's Odyssey (here)
- The Host (here)
- The Wolf in the Parlor (here)
- Outliers (here)
- Breaking the Bank (here)
- The Palace of Strange Girls (here)
- The Weight of Silence (here)
- Modoc (here)
- The Hunger Games (here)

6) Try to force myself to love yoga. Or more realistically, give yoga another shot.

7) Quickly earn $20,000 to start my own business. Oh wait...

8) Clean off my desk. I HAVE A DESK!? I thought that was just a mountain of papers, dog treats, and receipts with a computer monitor peeking out from the top. Hmph..

9) Become a Big Sister (with Big Brothers Big Sisters). I'm pretty cool, not even gonna lie about it. I'd be a good role model for a young girl. I love doing kiddy stuff. Plus, I never had a little sister to pick on. What more can you ask for?

10) Finish my scrapbook. I spent a zillion trillion dollars buying supplies for this and only have 8 pages done. Come on, woman! Find your inner Martha Stewart already!

11) I'm seriously contemplating getting my real estate license. Here's the catch: I have boatloads of time to take the courses, yet I can't spend that kind of money right now. Blah! Still, it's something I'd like to do.

Ok, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my September 'Faves and Craves' in the next few days.



Themis0307 said...

1) I have Breaking Dawn ready and waiting at your leisure. But hurry up because it's the best one.

2) Romantic comedies marathon? Or we could do a Disney/Musical/Romantic Comedy triathlon!

3) Yeah, you might want to get on that before you take an aspirin that's really a heavy narcotic.

4) You can come to bootcamp with me one Saturday. It will kick the jiggle right out of your butt.

5) Time Traveler's Wife. Fo' sho'. And then we can go see the movie together since the boys would probably rather pull out their eyelashes than take us to that movie.

6) Ah, yes. I have the same goal. In fact, I plan on going on Tuesday nights starting next week. We'll see how that pans out...

7) It's called a small business loan. But I know how you are about loans.

8) You have a desk???

9) No, I'M the big sister!

10) Ha. I'm still working on the one from our trip to Maui...three years ago!

11) I think you would be awesome at it. And you and Lobster could start a firm together and I could be the in-house attorney (until I get my own license and then we'll be a superstar team!). Get on that one quick!

Carly said...

11) Sounds like a plan!!!