Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Rant (or twelve)

I try to stay positive for the most part, but sometimes you just have to gripe about stuff. Let's just call it venting. Positive thinking is healthy, but isn't venting healthy too?

Today (and every day for the past few months) I have been extremely irritated about where I live. One might call this the boonies/sticks/podunkville/BFE. Whatever you want to call it, I do not live where anything is convenient.

This wears on me (and that is an understatement).

For instance, everything you do is an EVENT. Today I have a Dr. appointment (for another injection for my super cool Ernest Syndrome). It will take me an hour and a half to get there and probably half a tank of (not cheap) gas round-trip. This is what started my whole rant today. Here are a few more examples of such EVENTs:

- Let's run up to the mall!
Reality check: Oh wait, that's at least an hour drive for the closest mall. Any other mall is right around 2 hours.

- Maybe I'll just get gas on my way to work.
Reality check: Nope, you have to drive 25 miles before reaching the ONLY station on your way to work. Good luck with that.

- Let's meet for lunch!
Realilty check: I'll leave at 10:30 (technically still breakfast time) to get there by noon.

- I need a few things from Target.
Reality check: That'll be 40 miles due north. Oh you want a Super Target? That'll be 60 miles.

- Hey Cupcake, we're all going to a movie tonight after work. Wanna come?
Reality check: Sure, I'll leave at 5 and get home at midnight (for a 2 hour movie).

Hopefully you see my point now. If you know me at all, you would know that I would never choose to live this far away from civilization. Not at age 26. Perhaps at age 60 when I'm over the whole city thing. But I'm still not convinced of that either.

Granted, there are many good things about where I live. (Always trying to see the silver lining!) You get to see wildlife that you wouldn't see otherwise. I do love that. And you really don't have any neighbors, so there is a sense of privacy. You also have scenery (rolling hills, river valleys, wild flowers). You also get to see amazing storms blow in like no other. For a photographer, this place is a dream! And it really is dreamy.

On the flip side, because of the country-ness, I have a few more worries. I have a dog that weighs less than most bunnies, therefore he is prey for large birds, coyotes, bobcats, and (gasp!) mountain lions. Also, more open land equals more snakes and spiders most city-folk have never seen. I'm not a fan of spiders and snakes are really not the most pleasant thing to come across. There have been a few scorpions too, and to me, those are just as creepy if not more creepy than spiders. ...Arachnids... [shudder]

What do I want, you ask? I'd like an apartment again. In the suburbs. NEAR a city. I'd like a gas station less than 10 miles away, a decent grocery store within 15 miles, some sort of shopping within 20 miles, and a few more than 2 restaurant choices. I'd also like a Freebirds and a liquor store, but let's not get carried away.

I know exactly where I want to be. In fact, I have the apartments picked out. The question is when can I get there?


*uncorked said...

I'm dealing with something kind of similar, but in reverse actually. I have a condo in the city (Chicago) and am trying to move to the suburbs. LOVE being close to the city, but not thrilled about actually living in the city. You should buy my condo :)

It does make things easier though when I can hop on a train for 15 minutes for $2 and be downtown, but like you said, pros and cons to all of it. Good luck getting there soon!

Carly said...

I understand that. I am definitely a suburbs girl, but I would give the city a try before I have kids or a need for a yard. Any oil & gas jobs in Chicago? If so, consider it sold! Hehe.

Any luck finding a place?

Themis0307 said...

Hang in there, Bee. You can come live with me until Lobster moves in if you want to. Pookie would love to live with his girlfriend again. And he wouldn't fall down the stairs all the time.

Jordan said...

I'm sure the scenery is AMAZING! I know if I had a choice, I would live on the water, but I guess you have to substitute one good thing for another. and that's being so close to everything. I'm glad your grateful for where you are, for the most part!

I hate spiders as well. I bet you have TONS of bug spray! ;)

Have a great day!

NatureCat said...

Grew up in busy Chicago...lived in busy Dallas for 20+ years...I like the slower pace for now. Isolated, yes...but, I actually feel super anxious just walking into a Walmart these days. You'll find the balance soon Cupcake! Always something to look forward to.

*uncorked said...

Probably not too many oil and gas jobs up here, sorry Cupcake. I'm not really looking for a place right now, just worrying about selling - that's the harder part! The likely scenario is that I'm going to loose a lot of money and may have to move in with my parents for a few months. At least that should provide for some interesting blogging.