Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shut up and dance!

I just had to share with you all that I bought the Wii game, Just Dance, two nights ago. I do realize I'm a complete and utter nerd for absolutely loving games like this. But hey, if it gets me off my butt and gets me doing cardio, and therefore, gets me in a bikini in a few months, it's toootally worth it.

On that note, I'd like to share a Mad Lib with you. It's appropriately titled, Dance Therapy. Enjoy!

Dance Therapy

Sometimes the cure for a generous heart is to dance until the wee hours of the nail file with your girlfriends at a pastry club. Now that you're swimmingly on the market, you'll need to swift up on your dance moves. Here are some plump tips for boogying down in your bath tub or in front of a freakish crowd of meerkats.
-Rotate your eyelashes to the music, of course.
-If you have grumpy hair, kick it with all you've got - but don't get so dizzy that you hokey pokey.
-Be sure to move your breasts with purpose - flailing is not attractive or indigenous.
-Put your hands on your SUVs to look ultra shapely.
In no time at all, you'll be attracting many jelly beans.


CJR said...

A girl needs all the jelly beans she can get.