Thursday, March 25, 2010

To loft or not to loft

Ya see, I've been looking for a place to rent for a long time. A very long time. I am not exaggerating here.

Since I started my new sales job in early February, the wheels have been a-spinnin' and I'm probably getting ahead of myself (again), but I continue to shop around. I think it makes me feel better. (sigh...)

I have pretty much been set on living in Forth Worth (aka Cowtown); as close to downtown as possible.
I heart Fort Worth. It's a feeling similar to your favorite pair of designer jeans that you've worn so much that you ALMOST have to throw them out, but can't bear to do it because you still look great in them. So what if there's a hole in the back pocket? It's got a comfy side and a fancy side. It's definitely not Dallas, which is a good thing.

Anyway, I got uber excited about this (surprisingly affordable) loft and then I was sorely disappointed when I realized it was too soon and I couldn't do it and the unit would go fast.

Then I visited the usual boring old cookie cutter apartments (about 20 of them). After looking at (and daydreaming about) lofts, it's a total snoozefest in comparison.

They all have the same things in common:
1) Close quarters (i.e., creeps you don't want to live near)
2) Fat, ugly deposits (esp. for pets) and hidden "admin fees"
3) overpriced, overpriced, overpriced!
4) Total lack of uniqueness

Oh, and another good one - pet rent! Pets don't have jobs!!!! Why should they pay rent? This bothers me.

Then I looked at a few more lofts. Most of which I cannot afford. Crap.

So I'm back to square one. I desperately want to live downtown and I'd love a loft setting while I'm young(ish) and childless, but I don't think I can swing it financially.

Looks like Pookie is going to have to get a job.

BUT I think I've narrowed it down to three. Which of my top three would YOU pick:
#1) Lofty loft near downtown, true studio (no separation), historic building, renovated, artsy, unique.
Biggest cons - no washer/dryer hookups, limited availability. Not in the greatest neighborhood, but it's not the worst either.
#2) Townhome-style apartment w/ attached garage, views, dogpark, friendly.
Biggest cons- Smallish
#3) Regular nice apartment with river access. Good street.
Biggest cons - Not really digging the complex itself. A little busier/cramped feeling.


CJR said...

I vote for #2. While it's not a loft, it still affords a bit of a "house-ish" feel because it has a garage and no one is above or below you. Yes, it may be small, but you don't have to live there forever. You can upgrade to your loft if you so choose after a year. Or buy a house. Or do whatever your heart desires. I think it offers great amenities that you will definitely use (i.e., dogpark) and I can come over with my new puppy so our puppies can bond. And then you can come over to my new house and we can have a pajama party in my sunroom...with our puppies...who will be BFF.

Anyhoo... I vote #2.

NatureCat said...

I vote stay in your loft at the folks' house and save your money for a house with Happy Pants.

Jennjilla said...

Nature cat has a good point! If not an option, then I'd pick #2. Trust me, having to drag your laundry somewhere other than the washer in your home is a

*uncorked said...

I vote whatever is cheap and you can live with. Disposable income is so much more fun than a slightly bigger/fancier/cooler space. Personally, I looked at a ton of lofts before buying my condo and hated the look - they always looked dirty or unfinished to me. I do love exposed brick, but exposed duct work? Not so much. To each his own though :)