Monday, December 14, 2009

Non-Resolutions of 2010

I got this idea from My Soul is a Butterfly. Genius. Pure genius.

I have mixed feelings on creating New Year's resolutions because, a) it just sets you up for failure, and b) no one ever keeps track of them to see whether you did or did not fail miserably. I find it somewhat freeing to create a list of things you have no intention of changing about yourself.

Non-resolutions of 2010:

- I will likely bite my nails
- I will probably never find the desire to exercise in the dead heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter
- I will continue to claim that Patron is superior to Don Julio
- I will baby my dog
- I will continue to make checklists and not necessarily check everything off each day
- I will continue to tell my mom everything
- I may always have a messy desk and (hopefully) a clear mind
- I will probably never enjoy yoga
- I do not resolve to make my bed every morning, as I will only mess it up each night
- I will continue to have an aversion to sponges as a cleaning tool
- I may always wish I had gone to medical school
- I may never be a "planner" but I will always plan enough

What are some of your resolutions (or non-resolutions)?


CJR said...

I will likely be a crazy bride, but not a bridezilla.

*uncorked said...

Ugh, sponges freak me out. I love Hannah's idea too - may do it myself a bit later.

Abi said...

omg, this idea is so sick. I love it!